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Gabe Crisp

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Gabe Crisp

About me:

Gabe Crisp is the bassist for Tennessee deathcore giants Whitechapel. Characterized by massive breakdowns and fast paced riffing, Gabe’s LTD GC-4 was built to accentuate lower tunings and withstand Whitechapel's onstage intensity

"I don’t play a five- or six-string bass any more, because I don’t need it and I love the feel of a four-string in my hands. As long as you have the right gauge strings, a four-string bass can get just as heavy as any guitar. I love the sound and speed of playing with a pick. The secret of playing bass well is practice, of course. When playing metal I think your right hand is definitely just as important as your left. Pick hard and tight. My favourite bass ever to date has to be my ESP signature GC-4. I mean duh, it’s got my name on it! My bass heroes are Mike Dirnt of Green Day, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 and Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio. The greatest bass player that ever lived? Hard choice for me, but with my history I have to say Mike Dirnt because if it wasn’t for his playing on Dookie I would never have picked up a bass guitar. Don’t be afraid to hang in the pocket and groove, because if it wasn’t for you holding down the low end, no-one would be shaking their ass, I promise.
Basses ESP GC-4, ESP Vintage 4
Effects Sansamp RBI
Amps Fender TB 1200" 

 из журнала "Bass Guitar Magazine"     Posted on February 26, 2015  

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